Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Website Creation and Hosting Service

All of the websites on the World Wide Web are hosted by at least one server, and the mostly used are the servers of the web hosting providers. If the web hosting service is intended to use their own developed online website builder, the total package of their service can be called as web site creation tools. Using a website creation and hosting service is the easiest way to build a good-quality site. They allow their user to get an instant subdomain, under their domain name. For example on a website creation and hosting service, you can get a domain name like and the Address record(s) and/or CNAME record(s) of that subdomain are instantly configured too and pointed to their DNS name server to make their website builder work. You don't need to spend a time by pointing the A record(s) and/or CNAME record(s) to the web hosting server.

The beautiful by using this kind of website hosting service, is the web templates on their site building tools. The users can choose easily the web template that they've wanted to be the design of their sites. A web site creation software can have at least two templates with the maximum of a thousand! Those templates have a good presentation, and in just two clicks including the "save" button, the site's design will going to change, in a second! It's so easy, even the user is without basic understanding on any language relating to web development technology, as like what an online website building application can do. Remember that there are many types of builders, such as text, object, and WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) website builders.

A web hosting service with online website builder is quite different to a website creation and hosting service. The web host with builder is simply, a host with a site builder on their control panel. Unlike a web creation and hosting site, it is also a web host, but a host to use their own developed online builder. The word “web site creation tools” can be a short for the word “website creation and hosting service”. Most website creation tools are not accessible by File Transfer Protocol and/or without a file manager where can user edit or upload a file such as HTML files, they are just intended to use with their online website builder. And the great thing with those is, a lot of them are free to use or without a cost, to get a free website! But of course, there are some of those services that allow user to upload their file using FTP and/or file manager on the C-panel.

Actually, the website builder of the web hosting service is the same site builder of the web page creation tools, it's just depend how the software developer programs their website building system. To make it clear, those two kinds of site builders on two different kinds of web hosting services, are both the same kind of builder, and the only different are the kinds of the web hosts. For example if the web hosting service is intended for using their own developed online website builder, that kind of host is can be exactly called as web site creation tools or a website creation and hosting service, and the other kind is a web hosting service with just a website builder. Using site creation tools is the easiest way to create a website online, because all the things for building web pages are all organized, but it's just compatible for an easy user and not to a professional web developer. But at least, you don't need anything else by using it, just get a subdomain under the domain name of this kind of a web host, and use their website building tools, and that's it! After you've published a web page using their tools, then it is now online on the World Wide Web. It's so easy to build a free website with this service!

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