Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Services for Building an Advanced Website

Do you know how to develop an advanced website? This is the first thing where you should point your attention in the beginning, by finding the best domain name which is suitable for the type of the site or weblog that you're planning to develop. Domain name registrar, domain name registration service, and domain name registry are all the same. In that kind of service, you can search a domain name that you wish to use if it's available for registration and where you can see its price per year. But not all domain name registrars have the same price for a domain. However, if you are not willing to buy a domain, there are free domain name registration services where you can search a domain under the free registry's top-level or second-level domain (TLD or SLD) if it's available for free registration. If the registries offering to their clients to register a free domain which is under of a SLD that's not the official hierarchy for the top-level domain below it, those services can't be legally called as a registrar.

After you've found the domain name for your website, you now need to find a web hosting service where you will point your DNS name server and be the web host of your site. Sometimes, the domain name registry has also a web hosting service. There's also a software of WYSIWYG website builder which can often found in the control panel of a web host, that can be use to build a web page easily. There's also a host that features database which is important for building a social networking site or web directory or Internet forum. There are many different types of web hosting, such as a blog software (also known as blog host) which is commonly used to develop a weblog easily, a social network hosting service which can be use to easily develop a social networking site, and an Internet forum software which offering their forum package as their plug-in to be installed and the manual installation of it is can be done via C-panel's File Manager or using an FTP client in the web host that features a database.

Now, this kind of a tool is made for a website that grows with a lot of large files, a content delivery network or content distribution network also known as CDN which will improve the performance of a rising site, such as increasing the loading speed and lowering the bandwidth costs. A CDN will replicate the cached web pages of their client and store it on their system in a high-powered server around the globe to be able them to deliver the content of their client, so that the bandwidth costs of their client's site will decrease or minimized, and make the serving of their client's content faster because they've servers on distanced countries. Some other CDNs have features a web security, such as web application firewall which is also known as WAF. You can also use this service if you wish even though your site was just started!

Now that you knew, using those three kinds of online services will allowing you to develop a basic or even an advanced website. Domain name registration service, Internet hosting provider, and content distribution network are enough to build a good quality site. Actually, you can develop an advanced site even without using a delivery network, but that network is needed to improve the performance of your site. Even Twitter a microblogging service and Facebook a social networking site were using a traditional commercial CDN to improve their performance, try to view the full image of any profile picture in those sites and you will see the image is under of the subdomain that runs by a delivery network.

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