Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Web Hosting Service, Provider, and Site

Most of the important services that needed to build a website is the web hosting service, which is abbreviated as web host. It is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their site accessible via the World Wide Web, abbreviated as W3 for short. In fact, even you're just using a web hosting provider without any other internet services, such as domain name 'registrar or registration service', just find a web host that offer their domain name or domain to register a subdomain under it, and you can make your site online on the web with just that kind of service! Because it is a server that giving you a storage where you can store a file such as HTML file, image file, and PHP script. What does a web hosting provider and site means? Web hosting provider is a service that provide a web host, while a web hosting site is the website of the web hosting service, which can also be called a provider. Web hosting services are divided in many groups, and the two popular of those are the paid and free web hosting services. Each web host provider are with different features, and have a disk space limit which is also known as a storage, and traffic or data transfer limit per month also known as bandwidth, and a database size limit for whom who offer it. The features of a free web hosting service are basically offer a disk space of 250 MB or 2.5 GB, and monthly bandwidth of 500 MB/5 GB, and 10 MB database size if they have it. Those features are often seen on a free hosting, but it doesn't mean that every free hosts are with those features, other free hosts are with a feature which is better than those and some are with a feature which is poorer than those. A free web host are often limited when compared to a paid host. A paid web hosting service provide a quality server with a storage lowest of 5000 MB or 50 GB to the highest of unlimited, a monthly traffic lowest of 5000 MB/50 GB to the highest of unlimited, and a 50 MB database size to unlimited with a high quality support or assist.

If you have a domain name on a domain name registration service, and wanna host it with web hosting service? Basic knowledge on domain name server also known as DNS are needed! You need to configure your domain on the domain name manager and point the DNS resource records to the DNS of your web hosting provider. Now, if you do not care about any domain name and want to make the configuration easy, then find a web host that allowed their user to register a domain name or subdomain under their domain or domain name which will give you an instant web address, such a subdomain of domain name. Web developer use the server of their web hosting site to upload or to develop a web page or a file such as HTML file, image file, and PHP script. So, you also need a knowledge about different languages relating to web development subjects. But, there are different of a software, platform, and/or application which were sometimes installed on different web hosting services, and one of those is a software of website builder which are often installed on a web hosting for an unknowledgeable developer who want to develop a site, to make the building of site much more easier, and that is the most important web host's tool for a beginner.

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