Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Web Hosting Service with Website Builder

An experienced web developer knew that they need a server to make their websites online on the World Wide Web, and the mostly used servers are the servers of the web hosting providers. There are a paid web hosting service which needed to be purchased monthly or yearly or depend to the plan that the webmasters have chosen, for them to be able to use the service. But of course, if there's a paid hosting, there is also a free web host. Now, most web hosts on the Web are supporting a website builder, but some of their site builder is needed to be purchased a month or depend to the plans of the web hosting's builder, before they allow their client to use it.

A “website creation and hosting service” which can also be called as web site creation tools, is quite different to a “web hosting service with website builder”. There are also a web host and site builder inside the package of site creation tools, it is a package for building a site and the online website builder therein is intended to use by using their service, the prove of that is because some of those services aren't allowing their user to upload any file such as HTML (which means hyper-text markup language) files and Cascading Style Sheets in the file manager if they have it. Instead of a web host which have featuring site builder, this kind of service is allowing their user to upload a file relating to web development technologies, but their user can also use their builder. It's the users who'll going to choose if they want to use the builder therein or whatever they've wanted.

A web hosting service that supporting website builder is quite difficult to use, but if they allow their user to register a subdomain under their own domain name and if the user want also to run their site builder, it is good and fit for an easy web developer to make an easy website, it's depend on the web developer. But it would still better to a professional webmaster if they've developed a site using the site builder of a free host on a paid domain name and not just a subdomain of other site which they've not own. Now, if they're not planning to buy a domain, then find a free domain name to use, or even a free domain under a Second-Level Domain even it's not the official hierarchy for the Top-Level Domain under it. If a webmaster have using their free web host on their paid domain name, it's quite right and much better than the webmaster who have purchased a paid host which they've intended to host a free subdomain or their free domain name.

Some professional web developers often use the website building tools of a web hosting service, they're willing to pay for both services of a web host and the site builder therein, to develop a good-quality site. But almost all of the web developers who are willing to pay for those kinds of services are surely have a paid domain name on their domain name registrar, whatever is it. Yeah! Of course, it's not right if they have a paid web host with site builder and they're just using it on a free subdomain which is under of the domain name that own by a web hosting provider. But it's still possible if they're willing to use their paid web host on a free subdomain, but they maybe on using the website builder of their paid web hosting service also on their paid domain name.

Most web hosting services with a website builder therein their control panel, are allowing their user to host more domain names than to a website creation and hosting service or web site creation tools which often allowing their user to host just one website only. Most site creation tools are just allowing their user to register a limited of one subdomain under the domain name that they've own. Yet, there's also a forced advertisement on the free website that they've hosted, and they will only allow their users to add a custom domain if they're willing to pay for it. Instead of a host with builder, most of them are forcing just a links to their site on the footer of their hosted site if only the users have used their free site builder, and a link-free if they're uploading a file relating to web development technologies to make their website online, instead of using the free site builder. Therefore, a web host with site builder are more harder to use than to site creation tools, but it is more professional because an advertisement of other on your site is quite unprofessional.

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