Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Build an Easy, Basic, and Advanced Websites

If you want to make your own website but you have no any single idea how to build it? Then, the first thing you must need to know is the domain name of a site, like or which is under of a paid top-level domain such .com or that's not free. But there are many web hosting services with online WYSIWYG website builder for an easy user around the Web. Some of them are without a cost and offer to register a subdomain under their domain name for free, and the web address of your site would be look like but almost all of those free web hosts are automatically forced their advertisements or automatically attached a links to their homepage, to all of the web pages of their free clients. But it's okay and acceptable for a beginner, because you can use that kind of service to create a full packaged easy website in just a few minutes!

Now, if you have an idea in developing an easy website by using website builder, a basic website is with a real top-level domain on a domain name registrar or is in a free subdomain of a domain that isn't an official hierarchy such which can also be called as a domain name on a free domain name registration service. Just get a domain name or a subdomain name and create a web hosting account with your (sub)domain name on a web host with website builder, and REVIEW all the name server records or the address records which you will going to see at the end of the creation of your account, and study how does Domain Name Server work and set up your domain name in the domain name settings on your registration service, and place your name servers on the NS records in the “Custom DNS”, or point the "A" record(s) in the “DNS Service” to your Address record(s) with your domain name as a hostname, and create another "A" record(s) to point them to the "A" record(s) of your domain name server again but with the prefix of www. before your naked domain name as another host name. And wait a hour or a day, depend on the speed of the servers of your domain and your web host. And after that, your domain name and your web hosting account with website builder is connected, you can now publish a web page using your hosting account but the difference is, you are now using the domain name that you've chosen! And also, it's better for you to get an idea how the resource records in DNS works. Like what's a CNAME or Canonical Name record, who specifies that the domain name is an alias of another (canonical) domain name, and an MX record which stands for Mail Exchanger record who specifies a mail server responsible for accepting email messages.

And now, if you want to build an advanced website such web application, then use web hosting service with your domain name or subdomain but instead of using a website builder, now you will need to study the different kinds of languages for web development, such as Hyper-Text Markup Language (HTML) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) or with JavaScript, to learn how to design a web template and to develop a static webpage, if you only want to build an advanced site with just static web pages. But you must study to learn such “PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor” (PHP), Structured Query Language (SQL) and relational databases if you want to build a dynamic site like social networking site or Internet forum, and learn how to develop a server-side script like “verifying email address” and "login" scripts. Or you could even install a software or a script like social networking software, to your website if you want to make the development of a networking site easily after you've learned some scripting languages such PHP, for you to make yourself knowledgeable! Or Internet forum software for installing an online forum or whatever software that you wish depend on the type of the site that you're planning to build. Or create databases and develop your own intermediate server-side scripts that you've wanted, but it takes a lot of time, your patience and perseverance are needed! Remember that there are other languages for web development technologies which are not mentioned here, and if other kind of language is needed on the type of the site that you've wanted to develop? Then, you will probably need to study for it!

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