Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Automated Installation Using Fantastico

Fantastico De Luxe is an auto installer for cPanel servers. For more information about Fantastico De Luxe, please visit What is a Web Application Auto-Installer? To be able to use this autoinstaller, your web server hosting must have it! Asking how to use Fantastico De Luxe? Here we will going to automate the installation of the software that you want, by using Fantastico De Luxe:

  1. Log in to your cPanel server hosting account.
  2. Run the application named “Fantastico De Luxe” under the Software/Services (heading) section.
    Fantastico De Luxe on Host-ed.net cPanel
  3. Make sure that you haven't reached your database limit for a new database.
  4. Choose and click the software that you want to install (which in my case is WordPress), on any of the items (scripts) that are listed on the left.
  5. Now you will see the disk space required and the disk space available on your server. Make sure you meet the required space.
  6. Click the link New Installation.
  7. In the part Install {SOFTWARE} (1/3):
    (Remember that in this blog, the {SOFTWARE} means the name of the software that you've chosen.)
    1. Installation location
      1. Choose in the “Install on domain” selection what domain name do you want to install the software.
      2. Fill up the “Install in directory” if you're going to install the software on a directory of your domain (e.g. "example.com/UNEXIST/"). The directory should not exist, it will be automatically created. Just leave it empty to install in the root directory (e.g. "example.com").
    2. Admin access data
      1. Input your personal username in the "Administrator-username" field.
      2. Input a strong password in the "Password" field. (Note: The secret password that you will input is not going to be masked, BE CAREFUL!)
    3. Base configuration
      1. Fill your nickname in “Admin nickname”.
      2. Fill the administrative email for your website, in “Admin e-mail”.
      3. Next is to fill your website name in “Site name”.
      4. And fill the "Description" of your site.
    And last is to click the Install {SOFTWARE} button.
  8. In the part Install {SOFTWARE} (2/3), the specific MySQL database and MySQL user such as example_wrdp1, will be created and used for the installation. And Fantastico will print where you chose to install the software. The access URL will be such as "example.com" if you have left the “Install in directory” field empty and will be such as "example.com/wordpress" if you Install in directory "wordpress".
    1. Just click on “Finish installation” to continue.
    2. And wait till it proceed to the next part. It may take a few seconds or a minute.
  9. In Install {Software} (3/3), some files such as "/home/example/public_html/wordpress/wp-config.php" and "/home/example/public_html/wordpress/data.sql" will be automatically configured. Your username and password will be printed on the screen. So, BE CAREFUL! Those are the "Administrator-username" and the "Password" that you have been filled before. And you will also see the URL of the admin area of your newly installed web application.
    • You can “Send E-mail” the details of the installation to a specific email address if you want.
    • You can also Back to {SOFTWARE} overview where you can now see your current installations of the specific software.

If you've completed all the parts above without encountering any error, the specific software that you've been chosen before clicking the link New Installation, has now successfully installed to your website!

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