Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Blog Software or Blog Hosting Service

The easiest way to create a website is to use a blog software, which is also known as weblog software, blogging software, or blogware. It is a type of web hosting service that specific by application, developed for a blogger which allowed them to create and maintain a web blog easily. Blogging applications support the publishing, editing, and deleting of blog posts, comments' publishing and deleting, and post and comment moderation. This application-specific web hosting includes page gadgets or page elements' section that compatible in the layout template, where you can rearrange and edit, add, or delete a gadget including the elements of the header, sidebar, navigation, and footer of the weblog that you've been created. And instead the designed template of a blog have called as a web template, it's known as a blog template or layout template. Blog template is still a web template, but it's a type of a template for a blog that also suitable for the blog layout. Basically a blog software allow their user to register a subdomain under their domain name, for example in the blogging software of, you can get a subdomain under their domain name, and if ever you've tried to register a subdomain on that blogware, your subdomain would be look like a subdomain of their domain. But you can still point your own domain name server (DNS for short) to a blogware server or blog hosting server if you have a domain name and want to host it there. Some of a blog software have offer to their users to add a custom domain without a cost, but many of them are need to be purchased before you can point your DNS to your blog (that hosted by their blogware) or before your pointed DNS to your blog be able to connect. And by using this kind of software, you can easily edit the settings of your weblog including the basic details, such as the title and description. It has a formatting section on the settings, a place where you can specified the limit of your blog posts on your homepage, for example you can show at most 5 posts or whatever you like, on the main page of your blog. And a comments section where you can choose to show or to hide the comments, or specify who can comment on your blog if it's anyone or a registered user only. There's also a site feed where you can manage your blog posts feed and blog comment feed how long it will appear on the feed of your blog, and a place that's allow you to redirect your blog's official feed to another URL where your blog's new feed is it that hosted by the other server, and where the text field that allow you to attach a content at the footer of each post feed. But it doesn't mean that all of the blogware have all those sections of settings. Maybe some blog software included all of those sections, and the others doesn't have all but a few of those sections.

Remember that a weblog is still a type of a website which can also be called as an information site, the prove of that is because a blog is one of the types that often used by most top informative sites, and it is also seen via the World Wide Web (also known as WWW or W3 or just the Web), such like a basic website. And also, the software who host a blog was called as blog hosting service in former times, but now it's officially called as a blog software but it is still popularly known as a blog host. This kind of service is very useful for a person who want to create their own online diary or news site or any information site where they can publish an article about themselves or whatever ideas that came from their mind or anything unless it doesn't against to the terms of the software that they've chosen to used. This kind of software is easy to use, you can create a blog by using it even you haven't know about any single language relating to web development technologies.

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