Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Creating a Relational Database on C-Panel

There are many kinds of relational databases, such a MySQL database of MySQL a relational database management system (RDBMS) and a PostgreSQL database of PostgreSQL an object-relational database (ORD).

Creating a MySQL Database

Some web hosting control panels have a MySQL Database Wizard application that will guide you step by step on the creation of a MySQL database. Here are the steps to create and manage a MySQL database through this wizard app. for cPanel user. In the Home of your control panel:

This is a guide to creating and modifying MySQL database(s) in cPanel, through the “MySQL® Databases” application:

These are the seven steps to create a MySQL database and user manually on the web hosting control panels other than cPanel:
  1. In the Home of your control panel, on the Databases, Software / Services or Website Manager (heading) section, click on “MySQL Databases”, "MySQL" or “MySQL Manager”.
  2. Fill the MySQL Database Name field. There are free web hosting accounts that their MySQL Database Name and MySQL Database Username are merged in one which titled as MySQL Database Name/Username. If your hosting account have the same MySQL Database Name and Username, fill that field and jump to the Step 4.
  3. Fill the MySQL Username field. (Database have a user, and can have more than one user, each with their own specific privileges.)
  4. Fill the Password (for MySQL user) field. If your hosting account have merged MySQL Database Name/Username, fill the Database Password field.
  5. Enter Password again to Confirm Password. (Almost all such password field for registering have a password verification field which will required to enter your password again therein.)
  6. Then click to the “Create Database” button.
  7. Now your MySQL database and its user as you, are now created!

Creating a PostgreSQL Database

There are web hosting control panels that have another wizard application to creating and managing PostgreSQL database, which called PostgreSQL Database Wizard. And actually, there are similarities of creating PostgreSQL database through this wizard app. and creating MySQL database through MySQL Database Wizard. So, you could use the guide of the step by step wizard to create and manage MySQL database(s) as the steps to create a PostgreSQL database in cPanel through “PostgreSQL Database Wizard”.

You can also use the guide above for creating and modifying MySQL database(s) in cPanel through the “MySQL® Databases” application, as the steps to creating and modifying PostgreSQL database(s) in cPanel through “PostgreSQL Databases”. Even the seven steps above to create a MySQL database manually on the control panels other than cPanel, can be use as the steps for manually creating a PostgreSQL database on the other web hosts.

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