Saturday, October 6, 2012

FTP Access Supported Web Hosting Service

Some web designers have often used different kinds of Hyper-Text Markup Language editors, such as text editors, object editors, and What You See is What You Get editors, to develop web pages off-line. And after that, they will upload those pages on the server of their web hosting provider to make those webpages accessible on the World Wide Web. There are many different ways to publish a file relating to web development technologies, such as HTML files and Cascading Style Sheets.

The two common ways to upload a web page file on the web hosting server, are by using a FTP account and via file manager on the control panel of a web hosting service. But the best way to upload files on a web server is by using a FTP account, but for you to be able using it, your web hosting provider must supports by the FTP access to allow you to create a FTP account because that account is required to access on the FTP server of your web host. FTP is an abbreviation for the word File Transfer Protocol. The FTP with web host is a standard network protocol to transfer files related to a website, on the web server over the Internet. FTP login uses a username and password scheme for granting access. The username is sent to the server with the USER command, and the password is with the PASS command. If the login detail that have been provided by the client is accepted by the server, the server will send a greeting to the client, and then the session will start. After that, the client may now log in without logging in again, but some servers authorize a limited access for such sessions.

The web hosting provider must supports the FTP access to be able their client to transfer a file on their web hosting server, because not all web hosting companies are accessible by file transfer protocol. A web host that accessible of FTP is a kind of service compatible for a web designer who build web pages off-line which then published on a host to make online and accessible on the World Wide Web. Always remember, if you're going to use an application software to develop a website such as offline HTML editor, it is better if the web hosting service that you're going to use is allowing their users to create a FTP account because publishing files using FTP is still the best way to transfer web page files from a local computer to a web hosting server.

If your web hosting provider is inaccessible by FTP, and you have developed web pages for your website using off-line HTML editor, and then you've trying to upload it using the connection of FTP. What username and password will you gonna use if you doesn't have a FTP account? You are no way to publish those pages to your web host using FTP if your host doesn't support it, but to upload those pages manually on the file manager in the control panel of your host if they allowing their user to do it. Because some hosts on the Web are a solid website creation and hosting service which they didn't allow their users to upload web pages but just to use their online website builder to create an easy website. A FTP access supported web hosting service should be a provider of a web developer who use an offline HTML editor for building a website.

Security Problem

There is a security weakness by publishing web pages via File Transfer Protocol, especially if the client is connected on a shared Internet network. And because FTP can't able to encrypt its connection, all transmissions such usernames, passwords, commands and data are send in clear text to the network that can be read by hacker via performing packet capture on the same network. The solution to this problem is to use a secure version of insecure protocol, such as FTP over Secure Sockets Layer, Secure Shell FTP, and FTP over SSH, that can protect the data (specially the private information) from the network.

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