Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Types (and Not Categories) of Websites

Some type of website have their own official type of system, or software or Internet hosting service. For example, the software which intended for developing an Internet forum is different from the software for developing a web directory. A type of site is have its own official type of software or Internet host. A lot better if you'll going to read the list not of categories but of the types of websites below.

Blogger software, Webs' site creation tools, phpBB forum package, and Ning social network host.The screenshots by Firefox 19.0 (Windows 2008) of a blog software Blogger for making a weblog on the left top, Webs' site creation and hosting service for creating a content website on the right top, phpBB Internet forum software package for building an online forum on the left bottom, and Ning social network hosting service for developing a social networking site on the right bottom.

List Not of Categories but Types of Websites

  • Affiliate: A program that gives their users a commission or any credit for every referral and/or new sign up that they've referred.
  • Answer Site: Users can ask and answer a question, while visitors can search an answer related to their questions.
  • Content Site: Just a simple site with some contents which can also be a personal website or a site with any basic contents.
  • Electronic Commerce: An online store also know as E-commerce, where a user can buy and/or sell through the Internet.
  • Exchanging Site: A program which will going to credits their users for every action that they've made, which then can spend for their interest.
  • File Sharing Site: Where the people can download the files that they've looking for, the files which uploaded by the users.
  • Gaming Site: A portal where people can play a flash game through the Web, without downloading any software.
  • Internet Forum: An official place for conversations about the topics that listed therein the online forum.
  • Media Sharing Site: Where the users can share pictures, videos, and/or any kinds of files on the World Wide Web.
  • Mobile Site: A wap site with slim pages that fits and compatible for a mobile browser with low screen size.
  • Search Engine Site: The best web portal where the Internet users can find what they've searching on the World Wide Web.
  • Social Bookmarking Site: Where the user looks for interesting web pages to make as their favorites or to share to their friends.
  • Social Networking Site: A community site where the users can connect to their friends or can find some new friends.
  • Weblog: Simplify as blog, it's like a log book but on the Web, which can often used to be a news site or online diary.
  • Webmail: Where almost all Internet users get their free e-mail accounts, this mail is like their home address on the Web.
  • Web Directory: An online directory of links to different websites classified by categories and subcategories.
  • Web Portal: The most site with more elements or parts such as sidebar, navigation bar, and search box.
  • Wiki Site: Allowing their visitors to edit their content which will then needed to be verify by an administrator.

Actually some categories and subcategories of websites are often mistakenly called as their types. Like a news site, some people thoughts that it's a type of site but the truth is, it's (really) a category and not a type. The prove of that is because many news sites are hosted by a blog software, such as Word Press and Blogger (by Google). Therefore, many of news sites are in a type of weblog, because the web developers of them are using the software that intended to use for a blog. It's just called "news site" because the content therein the blog is all about news.

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