Thursday, January 31, 2013

Welcome to Web Development Technologies

Developing "Web" Sites is a weblog of a web developer, with tutorials, sources, examples, guides, tips, suggestions or corrections, references, and other information relating to web development technologies, including HTML and CSS of the web, browser-side or client-side scripting JavaScript, server-side scripting PHP and SQL for databases, with security guides and more, for you (our readers) to learn how to build and develop different types of a real and secure, free or even a paid, personal or commercial website.

Our tutorials are with a view of HTML source to see clearly the codes that you're looking for, and with an example to know the effect or the difference of the instruction to others. And if there's a vulnerability from hacking attacks, like a cross site scripting, SQL injection, and local or remote file inclusion, we do include a security guide on the tutorial for securing your website from vulnerability. We have tips for building your site, like what domain name registrar and web hosting service are the best and good to use, and what is a big waste of time to use such scam products. We will also have suggestions or corrections on improving some web development portals from their mistakes, because there are some web developer's portals with a tutorial which was vulnerable from attacks. All of the corrections in this weblog are true and not build for black propaganda.

We will not guarantee you that all of the blog posts that we've been published are doesn't have any mistakes. This information site is created and founded by Mark Anthony B. Dungo, which lives in Tondo, Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines. And also, almost all of our posts are related to the experience on building websites of our administrator the person who created this weblog. If you are interested to our blog, you can be updated by connecting to our social networking pages! For example, by liking our Facebook Page, by following us on our Twitter or by subscribing to our feed, or anyway that you want to be connected, to be updated on our FREE tutorials about markup languages, style sheet languages, programming languages and directives for developing sites. By the way, thanks for visiting us. God bless!

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  1. It is good to know that there are experts who are sharing their skills to the future web developers. Web development is a tricky business, and having the right set of skills and knowledge can help the novice and beginners to navigate into the business.


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