Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Types of Webmasters' Computer Languages

Not because there's a computer language which artificially created by a human, means that it's without any classification. A computer language without classification, is cannot be! Because every different type of it has a different usage, such as for documenting, styling and programming. These are the types of computer languages for developing websites which often used by web developers, ordered by their popularity.
  1. A markup language is the most used type of computer language for developing websites because it's a modern system for coding a document while reading the text therein this kind of artificial language. All the web pages that you can view using web browser has a markup language.
  2. A style sheet language also simplify as style language, is used for styling a document written in the markup language that compatible for it. A single style sheet can manage all the styles on many compatible documents that linked thru it. The information about the design of a document is often in a style sheet file which is separated from markup files.
  3. A programming language is used to program the system of a website, such as a dynamic site that does changing content depends on the act of user and the parameter that given by the server. There are two classes of programming languages, the client-side scripting for programming the web browser of a viewer, and the server-side scripting and this is for programming the server.
  4. A query language is used to make queries into databases and information servers. It is often used with server-side programming language for managing a database management system (also abbreviated as DBMS). Server-side scripting includes query language to query the databases which is in the server, and get the results from the server.
However, there's another one that you need to write to be able to command a thing that is in the server, but it's titled in computer programming as a term and not a type of languages because some of them are used to command how a software (which developed using a real programming language,) work, and yet still important for building websites.
  • A configuration directive is just a term and not considered as a type of computer language in computer programming. It's a configuration language specifically created to command and describe the configurations on the software written on programming language, which is in the server, that usable for web files. Note that most programming languages has directives, but it's quite different to "configuration directives" which are a directive for some software.
So, if you want to be a web developer, then the first type of computer language you should studies is about markup language since it is the most important on building websites and on top of the list above, and the second is a style sheet language (simply,) for styling websites, and so on... And prioritized studying configuration directives, one of your lasts but do not ever think that it's the least 'cause it is still important to know and very usefull for a good webmaster, such as used to rewrite a uniform resources locator also known as URL, or web address.

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